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What is Freedom for You?

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Freedom....a seemingly simple word. But what is freedom? It will look and feel different for each of us. Some mystics believe we only use about 3% of our freewill. Now that's a shocking thought, right?

If you follow the stars on any level, you might be aware of a planet named Uranus. Discovered in 1781, it rules electricity, electronics, astrology, strange people, progressive movements, science, genius, electronic media to name a few. See my post from March 31st. There you will find a brief discussion on the astrological theme of the year -- Structure vs. Freedom - Saturn Square Uranus.

Over the last week and through the next few days, Mars has gotten into the act. Mars (self determination, the urge to take action, to be independent) is squaring Uranus and opposing Saturn. So what does this mean? The enthusiastic energy of Mars is relatively harmonious with freedom seeking Uranus. The fact that they are squared can mean more push to break the rules and get on with the change!

Mars opposing Saturn can mean a vacillation between individual freedom and the urge to impose limits, structure, order. All three are creating an astrological configuration called a T-Square or Tension Square. Could it be that Mars has come to agitate or force some action between the foundations of our lives and the desire to be free at all costs?

With this T-Square pattern, there is always a point of release, a place we can go to get relief. We find it in the water sign of Scorpio, the ability to look deep in the shadows and not be afraid of what we will find. So is it time to more fully understand where freedom is for you? What we have been 'sold' as freedom, is it available to everyone? How do we respect the freedom of others? Do we actually use our freewill, or do the karmic forces tumble us around like rocks in the oceans waves?

Look in your birth chart. In what house do you find Uranus? If you find Uranus retrograde, it is thought that you will feel the most freedom in that part of your life. For me, I find Uranus retrograde in the 9th house of spirituality, bigger truths, long distance travel. And yes, I do feel the most freedom in that part of my life. -- If it is retrograde, you had freedom in a past life, but did not appreciate it. And in this life, your freedom will be taken away from you unless you can help others become freer as they see it.

And if you have any planets around 10 to 15 degrees in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, you will be feeling this current set of transits the most now and this year. It's a fixed energy, maybe sluggish, stuck, resistant to change. But it's also the energy that can hold down the fort when things get crazy.

There's also a new moon in Cancer on the horizon, July 9th. You can use this time to understand more deeply how to be sensitive without being manipulative, to better understand your emotional needs. Maybe the reflection on freedom will help unearth some new feelings and emotions around freedom and independence. Are we really free? And if we are not, what can we do about it?

Many Blessings to You as We Continue to Witness A Deep Foundational Change,


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