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Monara Essential Oils

In 2019, I became a reseller of Monara Essential Oils. It's easy to place an order through me.

  1. Click here to go to their website and see what you would like.

  2. Still using the above link, at checkout, use the coupon code MegFreeShipping to receive free shipping.

You can always order directly with Monara, but if you order through me, you get free shipping!

If you have questions on any of their essential oils or classes, just reach out to me! I've been working with Monara for over 7 years. I couldn't be happier about this relationship.

Learn About Essential Oils

Since 2008, I have found value in integrating essential oils with restorative yoga. In 2015, I started my studies of Aroma Point Therapy. One of my teachers was Tiffany Carole. -- Once I studied Aroma Point Therapy, the experience of Restorative Aroma Yoga was even more profound.

Tiffany offers a rich 36 oil journey called the Healing Oil Collective. This on-line class marries Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture and shamanism. Pictures, videos, voice recordings, beautiful documents -- all laid out oil by oil.

I have thoroughly loved this journey. I continue to use it as a reference. It has broadened the possibilities of my use of the oils, and so I now share it with you. 

If you feel called to learn more and share more, this course might be for you. Here are two links -- one for Healing Oil Collective and one for the Professional Healing Oil Collective (good for those in the healing arts).

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