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The following are some of the classes and events that are currently scheduled for 2020. Our schedule changes frequently, so please do check back often. Also, for more information, please email us at Meg@YogaFromTheBeginning.com.

YANG YOGA - Oak Park

Every Tuesday Morning

7:00AM to 8:00AM

at The Yoga Centre in Oak Park

Focusing on core strength and length, in this basic Yang Yoga class, we start by setting “inner alignment” through the breath. Then move to an active, yet meditative flow. Class will end with a brief intro to basic Yin Yoga (long held floor poses). All levels welcome.

$17.00 In Advance, $20.00 Drop In (discounted 10 class pass available)

- No Tennis and Fitness Centre Membership Necessary


Every Tuesday Evening

6:00PM to 7:00PM

at The Yoga Centre in Oak Park

Using props like bolsters, blankets, straps and sandbags, we will practice fully supported yoga poses. A perfect antidote to a stressful day, each pose will be enjoyed for several minutes to allow a deeper experience of peace and release. All levels welcome, even those with no yoga experience.

$17.00 In Advance, $20.00 Drop In (discounted 10 class pass available)

- No Tennis and Fitness Centre Membership Necessary


Monthly (usually the first Friday of the month)

Friday, Oct 4, Nov 1, Dec 6 , 2019

6:30PM to 7:30PM

at Garden of Yoga in LaGrange

First Fridays are back!

Join us for an hour of restorative asana and simple meditation.  Let your mind relax and your physical self experience serenity. 

Meg and Connie will alternate months. No experience necessary!  

$10.00 in advance (plus PayPal Fee)  $15.00 that evening 


Monthly (usually the second Sunday)

Sundays, Dec 15 , 2019, No January class, Feb 16, 2020

11:00AM to 1:00PM

at Garden of Yoga in LaGrange

Come learn the art of stillness while sharing a restorative yoga practice filled with wisdom and space for inspiration. We will create relaxation and healing at the deepest cellular levels.  Using natural scents from mother earth, learn the art of revitalization through breath and supported hatha yoga postures. We feature a different essential oil each month while incorporating various Aroma Acupoint Therapy treatments.

$20.00 in advance  $22.00 the day of the event 


Special Event

Sunday, December 22

5:30PM to 7:30PM

at Garden of Yoga in LaGrange

The Winter Solstice is the ending and beginning of the solar year. It is a magical time when the light of day is at its lowest point. It is a time of turning inward to reflect on our wishes, hopes and dreams for the next cycle of our life. 

Join Meg for our 7th annual Winter Solstice circle to learn how to harness the power of planting sacred seeds of intention. Insights, wisdom and a meditation on the Winter Solstice will also be shared.

Wear comfortable clothes.


Warm seasonal soup, tea and snacks will be shared as a part of the event.*

$22.00 in advance, $30.00 that evening

*Because we are making a small meal of soup, it will be very helpful to know in advance if you are coming


Making Yoga Accessible for Everyone! 

Meg is available to teach in most any setting.

(Public/ private pools and jacuzzis for workshops or periodic classes.) 

Aqua Yoga incorporates the therapeutic environment of water with the ancient practices of yoga. Stretching, gentle movement, yoga postures, breathing exercises, and meditation increase strength, mobility, balance and flexibility while decreasing joint pain, stress and fatigue. The natural buoyancy of the water and the water pressure help to support the body in all directions making this class accessible for everyone.

Aqua Yoga is beneficial for all body types and abilities including students who are stroke and cancer survivors, are pregnant, have arthritis, are wheel-chair or walker-bound, have muscle and/or joint limitations, are overweight and are part of the senior adult community.