As we move into Tier 4 Mitigations of the Governor's pandemic plan, I am offering a few short practices on YouTube, a weekly live class and monthly restorative yoga.  If you need any support during this time, please reach out using our contact information. I'm sharing a deep grounding hug during this unsettling time.



Every Tuesday Morning in Feb.

7:00 to 8:00AM CT In Studio and Online!

$17.00 per class (monthly passes available)

Focusing on core strength and length, in this basic Yang Yoga class, we start by setting “inner alignment” through the breath. Then move to an active, yet meditative flow. Class will end with a brief intro to basic Yin Yoga (long held floor poses). All levels welcome.

Pay through Tennis and Fitness. The link to enter the class on Zoom is below. Join class and pay later!



More classes coming soon!

Join Meg for this complimentary event!

Welcome your day with a 30 minute slow mindful yoga flow practice. There is no charge for these classes. It is my gift to you!



Click here to register for class in April!

9:00AM to 10:15AM CT Live Online

Come learn the art of stillness while sharing a restorative yoga practice filled with wisdom and space for inspiration. We will create relaxation and healing at the deepest cellular levels.  Using natural scents from mother earth, learn the art of revitalization through breath and supported hatha yoga postures. In this practice, we feature a different essential oil each month while incorporating various Aroma Point Therapy treatments.

April event features Bergamot!

Can't make the date and time offered? Class will be recorded and available for one month.

Each class now includes the essential oil shipped directly to you. If you only want the class, just use the coupon code to remove the price of the oil. Class is $15.00.

If you need some help acquiring any other essential oils, just click here.

Have some props available: a chair, a bolster (or couch cushion), strap (or a man's tie), blocks (or books) and a few blankets (or bath towels).



Making Yoga Accessible for Everyone! 

Meg is available to teach in most any setting.

(Public/ private pools and jacuzzis for workshops or periodic classes.) 

Aqua Yoga incorporates the therapeutic environment of water with the ancient practices of yoga. Stretching, gentle movement, yoga postures, breathing exercises, and meditation increase strength, mobility, balance and flexibility while decreasing joint pain, stress and fatigue. The natural buoyancy of the water and the water pressure help to support the body in all directions making this class accessible for everyone.

Aqua Yoga is beneficial for all body types and abilities including students who are stroke and cancer survivors, are pregnant, have arthritis, are wheel-chair or walker-bound, have muscle and/or joint limitations, are overweight and are part of the senior adult community. 

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