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Lasting Change

The Joshua Tree. On average, these beauties can age to 150 years. Slow growth, but persistent, enduring. Found in the Mojave Desert, whatever grows there must have a will. -- In February, I fulfilled a bucket list dream by visiting Joshua Tree National Park. What an adventure!

Fixity -- stability, durability, lasting (like the Joshua Tree). Today, as the moon moves into Scorpio, we find 7 of 10 planets in this fixed mode. Yes, another layer to this simple yet powerful science. So not a lesson in astrology, a pointer to an energy available in abundance right now.

The mantra of Scoprio is 'I desire'. The sun in Taurus sits opposite. The Taurus mantra is 'I use'. What in your life have you been desiring to use, to improve the long term quality of your life? Maybe a regular practice of exercise, gardening, meditation, study or service work. You decide. But know you have an opportunity now to use this fixed energy to recommit to building what you desire to use and to make it stick! Persistent and enduring, just like the Joshua Tree.

Blessings of this Deep, Enduring Scorpio Full Moon,


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