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The Sun Stops Moving. Can You?

Winter Solstice marks the day the sun transitions into the zodiacal sign of Capricorn, the sea goat. Usually around the 21st or 22nd of December, it is a time when the sun has descended as low in the sky as it will go all year. The sun then 'stands still' in this depth of darkness for 3 days. On the 25th of December, the sun starts to rise again, almost as if it is reborn. This time of year can remind us deeply about the rhythm of life.

As a planet in astrology, the sun is about the focusing of one's willpower. When it makes its annual trip through the sign of Capricorn, it's all about solitude, determination and patience. Mystically, it is thought that during this time, the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, is making its journey through the Saturn Chakra. During this journey, tremendous spiritual energies take form that are released in the next solar cycle of your existence. In the northern hemisphere, what better time than this to look inward and ponder our wishes, hopes and dreams for the next cycle? Are you traveling in a circle, unconsciously doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past or are you traveling in a spiral mapping an intentional path cycle to cycle?

You can use the natal chart, the map of your stars at birth, to make your life a conscious journey. This map can help you see and understand where you have been and where you can go. It's a choice how you use the energy.

So consider using this time leading up to the Winter Solstice to contemplate where you have been and where you want to go. Consider using the structure of the houses on the natal chart. There are 12 mansions of the soul on this map. Contemplate each mansion of your life:

  1. You, your body and how you see the world

  2. Your values, your possessions

  3. Communications, brothers and sisters, neighbors

  4. Mother, home, land

  5. Creativity, romance, children

  6. Your work, your health

  7. Your partnerships

  8. Death and dying, the occult

  9. Higher education, law, religion

  10. Your reputation, career, destiny, Father

  11. Friends, organizations, wishes, hopes

  12. Self- help (or self-confinement)

Explore each area. Find deeper descriptions that speak to you. There is much symbolism contained in each house. What I offer above is very brief pointer.

May you find this time to be soulful and illuminating. May it help you find greater vision and wisdom. May it help you realize what you want to see grow with this expanding light. May it help you think a new thought, a new possibility. And may you realize that you are the living light of life.

With All My Love,


PS - And don't forget about the final square between Uranus and Saturn in 2021! Click here to read my blog from earlier this year. It's direct on December 24th, but we can feel the intensity building now...




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