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Stucture vs. Revolution - Saturn Square Uranus

A theme of the year. Astrologically, the planets Saturn and Uranus, two heavy hitters, are struggling against one another all year. To be exact, February 18, June 15 and December 24. -- The planetary lessons or urges are around group karma, but can also affect your personal karma.

Saturn - responsibility, overcoming fear and limitation.

Uranus - learning to break old patterns, accepting people who are different.

Can you FEEL it? Can you SEE it? Spot light increasing on racial injustice and inequality. Are we learning? What are we learning?

Freedom, but at what price. Is this a time for moderation, patience and planning? Where must I learn to break the chains that bind and follow my own path.

Blessings of Revolution for You, For Me, For We!


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