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The Center of the Wheel

"There's only you, your universe and the interaction between the two." A quote from one of my teachers to ponder....

In astrology, you are at the center of the wheel. All the stars and planets revolve around you. You are the star of your own show, and everyone else is a two-bit player in your drama. -- Can you feel this? This is the magic of becoming the observer. Learning to have the presence of mind to slow it down, perceive the voices in your head, maybe notice actions and reactions that make you, you.

We are closing in on the second eclipse season of 2022 -- October 25, a partial solar eclipse (a new moon in Scorpio seeding new beginnings) and November 8, full lunar eclipse (full moon of letting go and endings). Eclipses are thought to be a time of great chapters closing and great chapters opening. Where and how this happens for you is based on where this falls in your star map, and if this happens to touch any of the planets in your star map.

Each eclipse is associated with either the North Node or the South Node. North Node is where we are headed, a highest striving for this life. And the South Node is related to your ancestors, maybe a past life or two.

This last 18-month period (since fall of 2021) has seen the moon's nodes flavored in the signs of Scorpio (the Sorcerer) and Taurus (the Earth Spirit). And while the new moon is usually about new beginnings, this upcoming new moon solar eclipse may be about a new beginning as it relates to something you brought in with you from your ancestors or a past life. And the Full Moon could be a letting go or releasing of something that is stopping you from approaching your highest striving.

But this wisdom may not come easy. The heavens will be full of strong, stubborn and unresponsive energy. On the high road, it could feel like a spirit of solidarity (anyone seen that high side lately?) This energy does not like change, and that is exactly what we are being asked to consider.

Heavy hitters Saturn (proper exercise of responsibility) and Uranus (learning to break old patterns) continue their battle (read here about this mode here). The clashes that filled 2021, coming back to visit us again. Who will win? Who will lose? Could we see our way to a draw? And what would that look like? Only you know for you and I know for me.

But we cannot discount the broader collective. For they will all be affected, too -- our families, friends, communities and our broader home we call earth. As one of my teachers says, " goes the king, so goes the kingdom...."

And this brings us back to your own show. That is where we have the most control. So start with some self-study, and give me a call if you want to peek into your own star map.

With So Much Love from Me and the Stars,





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