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What Are You Offering to the World?

Walking out to the garden. Plucking fresh basil. Digging out a HUGE zucchini nestled amongst the flowers and vines. Washing, slicing, then making then into something healthy, wholesome and yummy!

Ahhhhh, an earth girl’s dream! And today is a prefect day to feel this way with the Sun and Moon holding hands (a new dark moon) and with 3 more planets making a GRAND trine in earth. Half of our planetary energies are in consistent, stable, accomplished earth!

A trine in astrology is a relationship between the planets, when two or more planets create the energy of good fortune, ease and satisfaction. A GRAND trine is a gift! That means all the properties of earth are uniting and in harmony with each other. Earth energy is about the karma of what you have and what you want to build.

So why do we even ponder the cycles of these energies? Because sometimes it might feel easier than other times to organize, analyze, be of use to others. And today is one of those days!

The astrologer, Steven Forrest, suggests that Virgo must find a part of herself that she will educate, shine to perfection, then offer up to the world. Can you feel that energy in you, a loved one or maybe a co-worker? Virgo's can get a bum rap. Sometimes graded as a perfectionist, Virgo is also about service. Not just to serve, but to heal oneself through that service by bringing what is out of balance back into balance.

Now with that said, remember that we all have a relationship with each sign (some have made it more prominent this lifetime!). -- So what are you perfecting and offering up to world these days? If you are unclear, use this new moon to consider, contemplate, maybe journal. I would love to have you share below!




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