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Information versus Wisdom

All full moons create a tension between opposite signs of the zodiac, and this month it is time for the air and fire combo of Gemini and Saggittarius to commune. The full moon in Gemini on 27 Nov 2023 reminds us that information is data, research from a book or found online (Gemini), while wisdom is experiential, learned, transformed into some sort of larger truth (Sagittarius).

Based on its watery rulership, full moons can heighten emotion, and with Mars conjunct the Sun, the intensity could be full of assertive fire. Keep the ego (the Sun) in check (we all have one, could not live here without one, but watch how it is acting out at this time). During this full moon, there’s also a relationship between intellectual Mercury and dreamy Neptune that could add confusion to the mix. Double check the details. Read the fine print. Breathe before you speak.

Saturn (the teacher of discipline, responsibility, patience and planning) squaring both the Sun and Moon is constraining this party of air and fire.

6 of 10 planets running at full speed, adaptable, flexible, but maybe all over the place. Try not to over extend (especially at this time of year). Remember that the breath can be used as an tool to help you stay centered so you can dig through the data and find your truth.

Reach out if you are interested in understanding where this hits in your life. We can start with just 30 minutes to see how your Sun, Moon and Rising support you. Click here to see all the astrology readings I offer.

On a side note, you may have noticed I have become a night photography addict. This photo is from 12 Nov 2023. The magic of Lady Aurora through the trees around the 45th parellel. -- When I'm out shooting, I feel connected to something so much larger than this earth, a bigger truth. It is humbling and has been life-changing. I hope you enjoy these images I offer.

With So Much Love from Me and the Stars,





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