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Understanding Different Opinions

Thursday morning, June 6, at 7:37am CDT, the sun and the moon stand side by side, creating an opportunity to surf the energy of busy and free-associating Gemini.

New moons create an opportunity for a new beginning, a new look, a new understanding. And this new moon is sitting right on top of Venus. So, it’s a great time to examine, take a new look, gain a fresh understanding of our values (Venus). A wise thing to do because we change, and what we value can change, too. --- Think back to June 2020 (the last time Venus was sitting with the Sun in Gemini). Have your values changed? Well, if a pandemic, social justice movement and unhinged politics haven’t done it, what would?

And where would this impact you? Always look to the house. In this case, it's where 16' of Gemini falls in your natal chart. For me, that's smack dab in my 7th house of partnerships, marriage, open enemies. And do I need to think about my values and differing oppinions in that space of my life right now? I sure do!

Take a few deep breaths (Gemini rules the lungs and the nervous system), and try to listen to other opinions, varying information, pay attention, be curious, stay open. But don’t be surprised if the Gemini twins have you feeling a little scattered!

Curious about how this plays out for you? I can help you find 16' of Gemini in your natal chart. I also offer a simple 30 minute consultation where we can explore the BIG 3 for you (the Sun, Moon and Rising). Click here and make an investment in you.

With So Much Love from Me and the Stars,





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