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The Great Awakening

Updated: May 5, 2022

A time of awakening, understanding, insight, awareness......Uranus conjunct the Sun in Taurus. This happens once a year, but don't underestimate the power. And while change is a major theme in life, Uranus can cause quick and unexpected change.

In astrology, the lesson of Uranus is Freedom (but at what price?) and the need to respect the freedom of others. Learning to break old patterns. Accepting people who are different. -- It never operates steady or slow, in fact, it can be rather erratic.

When Uranus joins the Sun, it becomes super charged with the lessons around focusing one's ego, power or control.

Some evidence of this energy in the collective -- Authoritarian powers invading a sovereign nation. Landmark Supreme Court rulings being reconsidered, maybe overturned. The Great Resignation. Social justice and the painful truths about distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within our society. --- Things we thought we understood, truths and values we thought we could count on (Taurus, the bull) losing stability, no longer solid or dependable. The foundation rocked. Values in question. New truths coming to light.

So now the more personal question, how are you feeling this? Look at your birth chart. Find the symbol of Taurus (bull head). What house is this in? Now look at 14 degrees. Do you have any planets there? This will give you a clue to where this energy might be showing up for you more personally.

Are you questioning any aspect of your life or your values? Seeing things in a different light? Are there ideas you once thought to be true that you can see are no longer true? How does it feel to understand that truths can change? Any discomfort? Quite a load to ponder....

Please reach out if you want any help finding this placement in your chart. And if you aren't interested in the exact astrology, maybe just reflect on the state of your life. In Kriya Yoga we call this Tarka or self-reflection.

With All My Love,





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