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The Gift of Simplicity

I was perched on a massive sand dune, misty fields and deep blue water at my feet. My intention was to watch the moon and sun rise.

It was a few days before the new moon, so it was possible to see the glow of the crescent moon lower on the horizon before sunrise. And while I had been out late the night before capturing blazing star filled skies, my weary bones couldn't resist the idea of cool sand on my feet, horizon colors of deep orange and cotton candy pink and the shimmer of both luminaries on the water. As the sun crested to highest hill, I felt complete, satisfied in all the sensual delights.

I packed up all my camera gear, slung it over my back and started the hike down the dune. Memories of simpler childhood times flooded my brain. Just age 10 and running down this same hill. I was going so fast and my legs were so short that I actually did a full frontal flip (no, I was not a gymnast!). Sand everywhere! Made me laugh now (not so much then).

As I played that scene over in my head, I could hear the call of the sandhill crane. A friend had recently captured a stunning evening photo of a sandhill crane and had wondered where its mate was. I was starting to wonder the same about bird whose call seemed to be moving closer. Then pop! I could see the head of the sandhill crane bobbing up and down as it walked up and up and up the sand dune. I quickly dropped to my knees, held my breath and reached for my camera (why had I taken my telephoto lens off!) But they just kept walking and calling. Finally, I decide that the camera had to be put down. And there I sat, just watching, direct encounter with this stunning creature.

And that my friends, is a full-blown Taurian experience ---- nature, simplicity, peace, silence, sensual pleasures.

On Tuesday evening, May 7 or early morning, May 8 (depending on your location), we are greeted by the Taurus New Moon. 5 of 10 planets in Taurus so we can really feel this energy. This new moon is sitting close to the April Uranus (innovation) and Jupiter (expansion) conjunction and in direct connection with a harmonious sextile to Saturn (self-discipline).

Are you being called to break old patterns of conflict, disorder, noise and irritation in favor of finding peace, simplicity or tranquility? Put your feet in the grass, toes in the water and see how the connection with nature can bring a new awareness, maybe a new beginning.

Taurus can be solid or stable, but also stubborn. So be aware of any inflexibility that might hold you back. Use the discipline of Saturn to help you make a plan and stick to it!

And where will this be for you? Find 18’ of Taurus in your natal chart, and this might be where new seeds of intention (new moon) can be planted.

Curious about how this plays out for you? I offer a simple 30 minute consultation where we can explore the BIG 3 for you (the Sun, Moon and Rising). Click here and make an investment in you.

With So Much Love from Me and the Stars,


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1 Comment

Liz Anema
Liz Anema
May 09

Beautiful Sista! such beauty xoxox love you so - your words...your captures are a wowowowowwo!


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