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Confusion or Clarity?

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Clouded thinking. Brain fog. Wider than the sky. All used to describe mental states or the mind. Gazing at the sky...full of clouds, forming patterns, random designs. White, grey, pink or gold. Light streaking through, blocking the sun or dissipating completely.

On May 30th, the planet Mercury (the mind) went retrograde (moving backwards). It's known to be a time to slow down, review, reassess. Mercury is at home or comfortable in the air sign of Gemini, and that is where we find Mercury until July 11th. The Sun and Moon come together to hold hands in Gemini, too, forming a new moon on June 10th. They will all be on top of one another (or conjunct), throwing our mind, our ego and our emotions in the Gemini blender together.

Adding the Solar Eclipse and a square to Neptune in Pisces. Whew! 5 of 10 planets in mutable, changeable energy. What does that mean? Well, the esoteric or mystical lesson of Gemini is about learning to control one's mind or mental processes. That part of you that wants to keep talking, evaluating, thinking, over and over again.

So what is it you need to focus on, to move forward? Use the energy of Mercury Retrograde, the Solar Eclipse and the new moon to help you go into deep reflection. Try journaling with classical music for 10 minutes. See what you unearth. (try reading it to yourself in the mirror) Maybe you will be able to glimpse the lesson of Gemini -- control of your mind.

Blessings of this Fluid New Moon and Solar Eclipse,


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