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New Moon in Pisces - Double Water - Make a Wish!

After a full moon, the moon wanes (or appears to get smaller). We move towards a new moon (when the sun and moon hold hands). In the darkness of the full moon there is thought to be the possibility of going deep. Add the flavor of Pisces (a water sign), both sun and moon, and you are in the depths!

If we wanted to use that deepening awareness that Sage Patanjali wrote about in Yoga Sutra 2.16, we look ahead and make a plan to surf the energies of the new moon in Pisces on March 13th around 3:22AM CT.

Inspiration or confusion -- idealistic or deceptive -- imaginative or deluded. Pisces can be the architype of the mystic or the drug dealer. As astrologer, Steven Forrest, would say, "Pisces observes the mind observing the world." And I say, how's that for deepening awareness?

Embrace this magic moment! Maybe make a wish for your deepening awareness to unfold, harmoniously, to serve you and the world.

Many Warm New Moon Blessings,


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