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How Deep Do You Want To Go?

Here we stand on the eve of a new moon, a time when the moon is between earth and the Sun. For a few days we can surf the energies to go deep with this 'dark moon'. This month we are drawn in even more profoundly to ride the energies of Scorpio -- the Sorcerer, the Detective, the Phoenix.

Are there parts of your life you cannot bear to look at? It can take emotional courage and surrender to make this journey. Extreme. Intense. Powerful. Maybe it’s the ultimate truth, the fragility of life. This is Scorpio. All self-deception stripped away. Only truth. Living for the moment, in the moment.

But how do we approach a journey like this during a watery new moon? Maybe looking back, honoring the lives of your relatives, your ancestors. My brother and his wife build an ofrenda or home altar during the annual Día de los Muertos celebration. I participated in a Samhain ceremony (a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and beginning of winter). We also honored our ancestors in this sacred circle.

Find your way. Try writing about your fears and any intentions to break through those fears. Maybe you will uncover some hidden truths. It may also help to make the hidden unconscious areas of your life more consciously seen and felt.

Eclipse season is also upon us! (this is when when a planet or a moon gets in the way of the Sun’s light) The full moon in Taurus welcomes a partial lunar eclipse, ushering in unpredictable, unexpected change, great beginnings or great endings. November 18-19 for the partial lunar eclipse opening the Taurus/ Scorpio cycle, and December 4 for the closing solar eclipse of the Sagittarius/ Gemini cycle.

Wondering what this could mean for you? Then look to house and planets colored by Taurus. Unsure how to do that? Reach out and we can do a mini lunar eclipse reading.

With All My Love,





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