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Have You Found Your Joy Lately?

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Last week my husband and I were blessed to attend a James Taylor and Jackson Brown concert. We purchased our tickets well before the pandemic jumped in front of us all. After a plea from the artists, we made the decision to let the promoters hold our money. It didn't feel right to pull our support at a time when so many needed that vote of confidence and financial help, especially in the musical and performing arts space.

As time wore on, we watched the concert get rescheduled multiple times. Finally, as we approached July 29th, we discussed whether we felt safe enough to attend. We decided that we needed that joy, we needed that connection with others, we needed it all. And then as the concert began, the heartfelt statement from James Taylor, "...We didn't know if anyone would show up..." A pause. The crowd jumped to their feet and ROARED! A roar full of so much pent-up emotion from the last year and half. As if to say, "WE ARE HERE! WE SEE YOU! WE LOVE YOU!", and so much more. One of those experiences that words can never fully describe.

And this, my friends, is Leo season.

This month's new moon in Leo brings a double dose of light-hearted enjoyment. As we approach August 8th, you can use this energy to include tapping into your creativity, a personal heart connection or being center stage. Leo rules it all!

So take this time leading up to the new moon to consider your wishes for our fiery new moon in Leo. Could it be finding pleasure each day? Planning a vacation? Finding a way to put others on center stage? Leo also rules the heart, back and spine. Maybe a wish for total healing and health in these areas of the physical body. ---- Remember to write your wishes down on or just after the new moon. Up to 10 wishes for you (no one else). And if you want more direction on this powerful new moon wishing practice, just reach out.

Many Blessings to You as You Continue to Rekindle Your Joy,


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