What to pack for the Costa Rica Retreat

To make your stay the best it can be, here are some thoughts on what to consider as you prepare and pack for this retreat:

  • A valid passport is required and must be valid at least six months after the date of travel. It is also highly recommended to obtain travel and health insurance to support this investment in your wellness.

  • We strongly encourage everyone to take personal responsibility for their own wellness and safety – the situation with the coronavirus remains fluid with the CDC updating its website daily with the latest information and advice for the public. Safe distancing, cleaning hands and wearing a mask when in public will still apply in many cases. Vaccination is not a must, but we strongly suggest it might help keep you and others stay safe. Health measures at AHKI can be found here. 

  • Currently, the United States requires all air passengers coming to the United States, including U.S. citizens and fully vaccinated people, to have a negative COVID-19 test result no more than 3 days before travel or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 in the past 3 months before they board a flight to the United States.  We will help you obtain that test before we leave Costa Rica.  Now onto the fun stuff! 

  • Bring light summer clothes!  Costa Rica is pretty casual, especially in the beach towns. Shorts, tees and tank tops, sundresses and sandals are all appropriate for pretty much any occasion. Day time temperatures will range from 80 to 95 degrees.  Evenings are cool, but not cold.  Long sleeves or a shawl may feel nice in the evenings, but may not be necessary.

  • Bring a bathing suit to enjoy our lovely salt water infinity pool and the ocean.  You will also want comfortable shoes for walking. Sunglasses, too!

  • You will want your own water bottle and a small flashlight for the evenings.

  • Water shoes might be good if you plan to kayak, paddle board or surf.  If you plan to zip line, you will need closed toe shoes.

  • Bring sunscreen. Insect repellent is usually not needed in the dry season. 

  • Towels are provided in the rooms and by the pool. Pools towels can also be used at the ocean.

  • All yoga props are provided including mats, clean blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps.

  • Soap, shampoo and conditioner are provided in each bathroom, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer. Due to the warm weather and casual nature of the retreat, hair driers are not provided. 

  • Our intention for the week is to disconnect from and be present on retreat.  But for those who need to stay “connected”,  AHKI does provide complimentary WiFi for your own laptop, phone or iPad. This service is available at the Main House area only. Please note that because of the remote location, WiFi may not always be available, so if you must be connected, you might want to consider buying an international calling plan for the week.

  • Bring extra US dollars to pay for the Costa Rica departure fee ($29.00), one night dinner in town, excursions, body work, soft drinks, smoothies, coconut water, beer and wine. While there are a couple of ATMs in town where US dollars can be obtained, sometimes it can take time to work through the logistics. (Note: There is a safe in each room where you can store any precious items.)

  • We love the staff at AHKI. They are thoughtful, loving and truly support the harmony of our retreat. Please know that tipping of retreat staff is optional and at your discretion.

  • Airfare is separate and not included in the cost of the retreat. You might want to use an app like Hopper to watch airfares. You will notice more direct flights Saturday to Saturday. Please be mindful to arrive in Liberia no later than 3PM CT. We leave AHKI around 9AM the following Saturday. The trip to and from the airport is approximately 2 hours. So keep that in mind for the return flight. If you need to come in or leave on another day and time, we can help you contract a separate ride to or from AHKI.